“The English Football League is the best.” Well, Somebody Lied!

For a second season in a row, two Spanish football clubs will be appearing in the finals of European football’s biggest competitions: The UEFA Champions League and the Europa League (feel free to argue). Barcelona will be facing Juventus and Sevilla (another successive final appearance) will be facing Dnipro. Last year, it was Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla in these finals. And yet they say: the English Premier League is the best in the world. Well, just maybe they are right. The EPL is the best in the world and the Spanish La Liga is in a world of its own.

Housing the world’s best two (who are in planets of their own while the others can only live on other planets), the La Liga has proven over time that English football is over-rated. If you love football, you’d probably know this. Season after season, one English player is overhyped by the “beloved” English fourth estate after the other and sold for an “overhiked” price (this could easily pass for business). Then the player SUDDENLY fades away. Then the same English media will claim that the league is a tough one; merciless so that adaptability to new clubs in the league takes years.

Maybe they are right. Maybe the league is so tough that it chokes the players and makes playing on Europe’s big stage a difficult role to act successfully. But then again, maybe they keep shooting themselves in the foot by saying “the EPL is the toughest” and then come Champions League Matchday, they’re faced with even tougher oppositions? But what makes a league “tough”? Shouldn’t the tough get going when the going gets tough?

The UEFA Champions League is one for the tough and speaking of tough this season (and the one before) the English Premier League has been nowhere near tough. The La Liga has taken over that role by presenting two finalists in competitions where it really matters how tough you are.

Adieu English Football: You stabbed yourself in secret and bled to death on the big stage.

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[EXCLUSIVE] Football Games To Bet On This Weekend


It’s the weekend again and naturally, bets will be flying here and there. If you’re one of those who visit the betting shops around your area and write down game codes or prefer doing the dew with your mobile phone, I’ve saved you the stress of going through the long list of weekend games. Here’s a couple of games you can add to your betslip this weekend:


[Spanish La Liga] Barcelona vs Real Sociedad
Possible Outcome: over 2.5 goals

[Portugal Primeira Liga] Benfica vs Penafiel
Possible Outcome: over 2.5 goals

[Norway Tippeligaen] Rosenborg vs Lillestrom
Possible Outcome: over 2.5 goals


[English Premier League] Man. City vs QPR
Possible Outcome: over 2.5 goals

[Holland Eredivisie] Twente vs Dordrecht
Possible Outcome: over 2.5 goals

[Portugal Primeira Liga] Porto vs Gil Vicente
Possible Outcome: over 2.5 goals

Side Note: I hate picking “straight wins” and co so all the games are predictions for the o2.5 goals market. Feel free to select at your discretion and make your own conclusions.

P.S: If you’re overly skeptical about picking these teams to score 3 or more goals, you can change all the above to over 1.5 goals for your heart and for safety too!

Cheers to the freaking weekend! 😉

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This Week’s Real MVP: Old Friends, New Foes


Champions League week and it was, sometimes in the news, more of the reunions than of the games at hand. This week on Real MVP, I’ve picked out two players who showed up their former friends to remind us that the memories and moments shared don’t matter when it comes to playing football.


Switched allegiance

Álvaro Morata vs Real Madrid
When Real Madrid was paired up with Juventus, the Spanish giants must have, in some way, been licking their lips no thanks to the ‘favourable’ dish UEFA served them. They had been here before and then they did job clean! Come Gameday, the current champions were stunned by friendly fire. Alvaro finished off an effort from Tevez to put the Juve in the lead; a lead that helped Madrid to lose the game 2 – 1.


Mentor et Protegé

Lionel Messi vs Pep Guardiola
Reunion day. Pep was returning to his former hunting ground: a ground where he killed many dreams and slaughtered many teams. He was also coming back to meet his one-time mudering machine: Messi. He had touted the Argentine as being ‘unstoppable’ (who better to say than the man who wielded the machine himself). Matchday, and Barca was all over the place. One man wasn’t to be denied his usual shine. Lionel Messi put two past Guardiola’s men in the space of three minutes; putting Barcelona on course for the final, making a mess of Boateng and also of Pep’s reunion.

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[AWESOME READ] MESSi: What Does It Take To Make One?


MESSi: What does it take to make one?

What does it take to make a mess?
Why would you make a mess of people?
How do you make a mess of everything?
What qualifies a victim and makes him or her messed up?

Do you think someone can earn the right to mess people up? You decide….

Just as there are 50 shades of Grey, there are different shades of being messed up.

From the poo in the closet to the gas that you emit from your bowel (which we referred to as ‘Mess’ in primary school) as well as the pile of work that your boss dumps on your table, it does really sound MESSED UP… Really it does…


'Em good old days

I can only imagine the kind of mess Pep found himself in when he visited with a different team; being punished by the monster he helped nurture from cub to LION. That BEAST that the lion had become was let loose for just 3 minutes… He made a mess of that Happy Reunion 😒…

And then you only remember previous victims and those who still suffer from this same BEAST and the mess he makes/made of their situations.




So good he was, they referred to him as a PlayStation console player. He had made a MESS of Arsene Wenger’s Champions League dream by slaloming past three Gunners on the pitch before ramming home his 4th goal (Yes! 4goals in one game). Just when Mr. Wenger thought he stood a chance…



Unstoppable MESSi

2012:- FIVE ALIVE!
This was the outrageous Last 16 tie that rescued Sporting’s previous aggregate record. With an healthy first leg lead already sealing a Quarter Final place, the Tormentor-In-Chief wasn’t satisfied, he had other ideas. The hands of Bernd Leno and his Leverkusen comrades were too clean, there was no shame in losing 5-0 to Barca was there? Not if you lost 12-1 on aggregate. In a fit of rage and an overwhelming performance, He messed them up with 5 teasing finishes.



Master Tormentor

Lights! Camera! Action!!!
The first of four Clasicos in 17days. It proved to be where the tormentor-in-chief would prove deadliest. Square till Mr. Pepe’s sending off after Mr. Alves had gone down like he had bn shot by an AK-47 rifle from a flailing boot, There would Mr Tormentor take over, it would become his show. The most amazing? Jinking past 5 Galaticos before leaving his long-time and regular victim sprawling on the grass for the killer second goal… Don’t ask me what Jose Mourinho said post match…



Leap of Faith

Call it what u like.. Tormentor-in-Chief came into this game without a goal against English teams plus this was the least possible time to break the jinx just for two reasons (1. He faced his rival & United were unbeaten in their previous 2 CL finals under Sir Alex), It was the blot on his ever-growing Victim list. It would be washed off immediately. With time running out, he took a leap of faith rising higher than Rio Ferdinand to seal a 2-0 win making a mess of Sir Alex dream of a hat trick of Final appearances laced with Cup wins….

Now to answer the question: What exactly makes a MESSi? In case you missed the 4 – 5 answers given above, read again.

Barcelona vs Bayern: An Unconventional Summary


Dominant, Dominant, DOMINANT

It was all Barcelona. From start to finish. Their work rate was incredible. They succeeded in making Bayern look like babies. They were dominant. Their opponents, opposed to the norm, had to hang in there. They were holding on to the slim chances of a draw but they couldn’t keep up with the Catalans’ pace.


Manuel Neuer: A half good

Neuer was the first-half’s Man of the Match after making save after save that kept Neymar and co. at bay. Barca did not let Bayern play ball. I’d like to use the word DOMINANT again. They forced the Bavarians to pass back to Neuer more times than they’d usually do in games. Suarez was everywhere up front, oppressing tacitly; Neymar too with a step-over here and a flick there. Messi?



He wasn’t exactly quiet in the first half but he left his mark on the game in the second: on Neuer, on Boateng and on Guardiola too! The MSN gang tore Bayern apart from the 77th minute till the old lady sang. Messi’s double and Neymar’s late goal gave Barcelona a 3 – 0 lead going into the second leg (a deficit which, going by today’s game, the Bavarians can’t come back from in my opinion).


Outplayed by his own

Let’s dedicate this paragraph to one man: Pep Guardiola. It was the #NightmareReunion. He sneaked into the stadium from the dugout before the game began, like he knew what was coming. I think he wanted a draw and after Neymar’s icing on the cake, a sorry look and a grimmacing face from Pep said it all: Things did not go as planned.

But can you blame him? His team got outplayed on all levels by the beast of a team he created (which is now a refined beast). His team did not play like a Guardiola-led side. They played like a Mourinho army except that they played a high defense line, conceded 3 goals and there were no red cards. Enough said.

Well done Barcelona. Time to surprise me Professor Pep.

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