The Best 15 Footballers of 2015 (7-4)


Go Figure

We continue counting down the list of players that shattered records this year, whose performances eclipsed that of their counterparts in the calendar year 2015. In case you missed the previous lists, catch up here and here

7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic


Dare To Zlatan: Swedish General, Prince of Paris

“So long as they can enjoy playing on the bench” would be Zlatans response if asked if he needs to take the back seat  in the PSG set up.

At 34, Zlatan isn’t slowing down and the karate king of football isn’t “taking a bow”… at least not very soon. The Enigma whose nose is legend ‘blows away’ defences at will not just with goals (38 for club and country) but also with assists (15), he is still offers a lot to his teams.

At 6’5, Zlatan still ‘stands tall’ amongst the best in the game, sending an entire nation into retirement in the European qualifiers. He’s the only player alive that can say:

“…at the Euros in 2016, the French crowd will cheer for me more than they will for the French National Team.”

Like a boss

Zlatan isn’t tired yet and earns his place at number 7.

6. Thomas Muller


Muller: Bayern's not-so-secret machine of war

It was the definition of a job well done, But its the RekordMeister and the football pitch is their playground, Turning a masterclass was the perfect tonic and response to the shambles of their first leg loss, To celebrate it; one man did it distinctly, He grabbed a megaphone, ran over to the fans and noised them up. It was a memorable moment, one that would last in memory of the fans that stayed behind that night. It defined an era, the institution that Thomas Muller had become at Bayern on a night he had become Germany’s all time Champions League top scorer.. Only at 25. Gerd Muller must have being envious. That night encapsulated what Muller stood for and his performances in the year. If 2014 was the tip of the Icebag, 2015 was the Big Bang! The year he finally matured into the leader he is.  Who would forget that night? Or the way he rallied his teammates in the second leg of their 3-5 loss to Barca, or his virtuoso assist for Lewandowski in their final CL game of 2015, even his angled strike against Arsenal in that 5-1 thrashing..  His records of being the fastest German to reach 50CL wins? Or his 150Bundesliga victories?

His efficiency in finding the net with
his chances on goal has dramatically improved so as his overall link-up play. His 20goals and 5assists midway through this current season is 1short of his total tally of 21goals last season even though his assists tally is dwarfed  by the 18 he had. However, don’t be fooled, He is more than just a finisher, He is an all-round footballer, a sign of what is to come in football. He is the RAUMDEUTER: Space-investigator. Still only 25, it’s a sign he is yet to reach his peak…

5. Robert Lewandowski


5-Star Goalscorer.

What do you call a performance that has one of the world best coaches on his feet with a smile, and his hands celebrating a moment he just witnessed alongside the crowd?

Ans: Polish

Who holds the world records for;
1. Fastest Bundesliga Hatrick?
2. Fastest Four goals in the Bundesliga?
3. Fastest five goals in a bundesliga Match?
4. Most goals scored by a substitute in the bundesliga?

Ans: Robert Lewandowski

Pep Guardiola was quoted saying:

“I can’t really understand it. Five goals. Neither as a coach nor as a player did I ever experience something like this and I can’t really explain it.”

Since achieving these records, Robert has continued to find the back of the net, scoring 14 goals and counting in the Bundesliga this season, helping his team to an eight point lead ahead of Borrusia Dortmund, while his five goals in the Champions League have secured qualification for the knockout stages of the competition. 

With the national team he equalled former Northern Ireland striker David Healy’s 13-goal record for a single European Championship qualifying campaign. 45 goals for club and country is only dwarfed by world bests Ronaldo and Messi. He’s been the best centre forward this year and can be said to be Bundesligas’ biggest excitement this year.

From being stopped from transferring to Blackburn by volcanic ash to be playing at a level of one of the world’s bests, Lewandowski is favoured by the football gods, he’s had a great year!

4. Cristiano Ronaldo


High Flier

Words are not just enough to describe how phenomenal and prolific he has been in 2015 and hitherto. Though ,he is at the peak of his amazing and mind-blowing career, that does not stop him from churning out his outstanding performances, game in game out.

With little or nothing to prove again, the Funchal born superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro, indeed had a dramatic year even without a silverware. Cristiano Ronaldo scored a total of 55 goals for club and county ,short of his tally of 61 of last year.

In remarkable fashion, he has found the net 23 times this season alone: with 12 league goals and 11 in the Champions League. He also became the first player to score 11 goals in the Group Stage of the UEFA Champions League and he is the current top scorer of the competition. Out his goals this season,10 goals came from his right foot, 3 from his left, 4 headed goals, 1 spotkick and 5 free kicks.

Well, there is little or no doubt, he is of the greatest footballers that has ever graced the game of football,so if he says he is the best in his head, – with 235 goals in 215 games for Real Madrid – his record echoes the message: Best in the world!


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