Papi’s Tips: ALL TEAMS TO SCORE LAST GOAL!! (Sounds Crazy? I Know!)

Hello. Yeah I know it’s been a while. I had to take break to review why I had been making so many wrong predictions.

But I’m back (I think?). So let’s review the available games.

Most of the teams selected are chosen because of one factor: They score a lot of goals with some teams scoring as much as 2 goals per game.

So I thought, instead of picking First To Score, why not try To Score Last Goal? So all the tips I’ll be dropping today are based on this.

Here you go!

– Toulouse To Score Last Goal

– B. Dortmund To Score Last Goal

– Hoffenheim To Score Last Goal

– Krasnodar To Score Last Goal

– San Lorenzo To Score Last Goal

– Guangzhou Evergrande To Score Last Goal

– Aatvidaberg To Score Last Goal

– Sirius To Score Last Goal

– Basel To Score Last Goal

– West Ham To Score Last Goal

– Leicester To Score Last Goal

– Chelsea To Score Last Goal

If you’re feeling a lil bit scared, you can choose the Over 0.5 Goals in 2nd Half option for all the teams above.

That is there’ll be at least one goal scored in the second half of all the games that these teams will be playing.

This is not to be confused with Team X Score over 0.5 Goals in 2nd Half.

As always, be sure to make your own findings before making use of all these tips.

Have fun and have a great weekend too!

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Papi’s Tips: Villareal To Win Either Half, Juve To Score and more…


Hello guys.

How did yesterday’s betting tips help you? I hope you were able to profit from the 93% success-rate recorded yesterday?

Well, these are some of the tips for Sunday’s games. For those interested in the analysis, I’m sorry I’ll be disappointing you guys again. I’ve just posted the tips without analysis. Blame it on the weekend.

I hope to bring back the analysis starting Monday.

Let’s see our tips for today shall we?

– Monchengladbach To Win Either Half / Over 1.5 Goals (Germany Bundesliga)

– Frankfurt Clean Sheet No (German Bundesliga)

– Fiorentina Clean Sheet No. This is also the same as Juve To Score. (Italy Serie A). You can also give Juventus a handicap 0:1)

– Moreirense Clean Sheet No (Portugal)

– Getafe Clean Sheet No / Valencia Handicap 0:1 (Spain La liga)

– Real Sociedad Clean Sheet No / Villareal To Win Either Half (Spain La Liga)

– Levante Clean Sheet No (Spain La Liga)

– River Plate Clean Sheet No (Argentina Primera Division)

– San Jose Win Either Half (Bolivia Primera Clausura)

– Cobresal Clean Sheet No (Chile Primera Clausura)

– Rizespor Clean Sheet No / Konyaspor Win Either Half (Turkey Super Lig. 1)

– Le Mont LS Clean Sheet No / Aurau  Win Either Half (Switzerland Challenge League)

I hope you find these tips helpful today.

Of course, you should make your own findings before selecting any of these games. Doing this will help you to avoid as many errors as possible. You can also share your own tips with me in the comments section.

Once you’ve used these tips and found them useful, remember to come back on here to share your success story with me. With us. That’s my joy; to hear how useful these tips were to you

So enjoy your Sunday people. And have a great week ahead!

Much love,

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Barcelona vs Real Madrid: The Story & 4 Reasons Barcelona lost to Bale and Co.


el Clashico: Ramos brings Messi down outside - or inside ? - the box 18

It started as a boring, one-sided game. Well, the first El Clasico of the season started the same way so this kind of start wasn’t surprising. Barcelona was everywhere, asking questions without mercy. The domination was in full force!

Real Madrid on the other hand had nothing to show. They seemed to be on the defensive from the start. They tried to thread passes to the wings – unsuccessfully though – after everything they tried down the middle either ended up in the hands – or legs if you will – of the Catalans.

It was hard enough playing a Barcelona side that was in TOTAL control of the game and kept asking questions of Navas. So hard it was that Real Madrid rarely got the chance to have a feel of what the pitch in Barca’s 18-yard box was like in the game’s opening minutes. Dominant Catalans vs Struggling Spaniards.

But half way into the first half, Madrid started getting their rythm. They found a way to keep Messi and co. at bay and registered their first shot on target courtsey of C. Ronaldo. They started getting fouled more and getting freekicks in “good spots.” They were become the dominant ones. But the scoreline didn’t change.

All the while it was an eventful game but… you could feel the drabness of the game. Somehow, somewhere, it was there.

While all this drabness dragged on, there was time for Pepe to crack a joke for Messi to laugh to and Marcelo and Neymar found space to whisper some Brazilian gossip to each other. The Brazilian president the topic of discussion maybe.

End of 1st half. No goals.

The second half started with a Sergio Ramos elbow on Dani Alves’ mouth. But an El Clasico is incomplete without jabs and kicks and some rolling on the floor, clutching your leg. Ramos had been booked earlier so Dani made the most of it. But the ref didn’t see it. Play on.

Then came the nervy moments for Real Madrid. Defending against one cornerkick is work enough. How about defending against 3 consecutive cornerkicks? Hectic! They conceded three cornerkicks in quick succession. They couldn’t hold on and conceded the game’s first goal from the third cornerkick. Pique found space after Pepe lost him and nodded home.

Barcelona one up!

In a way, it was a wake-up call for Zidane’s men. You could tell from the way they played. But how do you play to score against a team that plays “complete football”? You risk going all out and getting caught off guard. Then you concede another goal and then more problems.

But Real Madrid had other ideas.


Karim the Point Man: A scene from the Overhead Kick series

“Speed kills,” the popular saying goes. Well, speed was the idea. Zidane’s idea. Not a bad idea for a team whose area of strength is in their pace. A bust down the left flank of the field by Marcelo rattled the Catalans who had been in control after scoring their goal.

While the Barca defenders were still getting together, Marcelo found Kroos who tried a shot on goal. The ball deflected off a Barca defender, looped over Piquè’s head and onto Karim Benzema’s path. He finished in style, choosing an over-head kick to put the ball in the net and pull one back for Real Madrid.

Now the tables were turned. All the momentum was now with Real. The midfield was all Madrid. The flanks? Real Madrid. The MSN gang were pulling strings but the Madrid defense was holding the fort. It was like the Catalans had disappeared into their shell.

Finally, all the Madrid pressure paid off and Bale found the back of the net. Another counter-attack that paid off. But his goal was ruled out because he infringed on another player to nod the ball home.

But that didn’t discourage Zinedine Zidane’s men. They kept piling the pressure. They wanted to win the game. A draw would not be enough. If you don’t succeed at first, try, try again right?
Chance after chance came along for Madrid’s superstars one of which was CR7’s shot that hit the bar. Madrid kept coming again and again, using their speed to break on the counter.

Bale, via the flanks again – for the umpteenth time – found some space on the right, again. He crossed the ball to Ronaldo. It seemed like a bad cross. But Ronaldo controlled the ball with his chest and found the back of the net. This was in the 85th minute… after Sergio Ramos had been sent off for his second yellow card! That’s how badly they wanted to win.


Ronnie the Man: Up goes CR7, down goes Barca's unbeaten run

Real Madrid, deservedly, won the game 1 – 2. They were the better team of the night and deserved all three points. Sweet revenge for their 0 – 4 loss last year. Real Madrid was also the team that brought an end to Barcelona’s legendary run of 39 games unbeaten.

Even sweeter revenge!

In my opinion, Madrid won the game simply because of their undying will to win. They just would not back down! In a way, they knew the game was up for the taking.

Add to that the fact that they made their chances count and you have two major reasons why Madrid beat Barcelona; two reasons apart from Bale and Casemiro.

[Banter] And The Special One Got Burned


I just had to use this. Mourinho will nEVA forget to remember this.

Winners don’t like to lose. Mourinho doesn’t either. I haven’t called him a winner yet but if we asked Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Chelsea again and probably Arsene Wenger, you’d probably hear the same (don’t ask Pep).

Today, I’m not talking when he lost to Barca (a whole hand tells the story plus remember that 5 – 0 El clasico drubbing? His La Liga welcome party? The Barcelona version?), today, Mourinho lost to Pellegrini (and I’m grinning). 3 – nil is probably the biggest margin he has lost by in the Premier League, but Jose has dropped too many points than he usually does after 10 games in most seasons.

Jose Mourinho got burned and I’m not talking the kind of accidentally-touch-a-hot-metal burned. Mou certainly won’t like it… but WE (Eva, Fearn and non Chelsea fans) love it. I’d love a Special reaction from the Special One and I’m sure he won’t disappoint! Oh we’d so get it!

Arsene Wenger might just like to know who a Specialist is or how to be a Specialist. Manuel Pellegrini might like to forget how to pronounce Mourinho and say ‘Moanriho’… But know both of them probably wouldn’t.

Can I mention how Manchester City tore Chelsea apart again? Read again and you’d get your story.  😉


So much for being the Special One!

Piece written by Kolawole the Banter King. Follow him on twitter @kopainzy for banters and everything that looks or sounds like it.

Welcome Back EPL. Let’s Start From Where We Stopped…


Chelsea: Current Champs

Dear EPL, while you were away, a lot happened but how about we talk about the last time you were around town?

With his turbulent reign in the Capital of Spain coming to an end, He had alerted the English he was on his way back. He had bn away 6years. His first coming had brought 2Premier League titles, 2League Cups and 2FACups. What was the proverbial second coming going to be like?

He sure didn’t disappoint. The team had changed from the one he built in 2004 but, the man hadn’t changed. That definitely, had to change.

The driver had other ideas. Jose Mourinho knew his side weren’t ready. Arsenal were breathing down their necks, so were City & a Suarez-inspired Liverpool. He called his team ‘the little horse’ despite their place on the log. Sandwiched between only the Reds & the Citizens, he was mad, one must have thought…. He was right in the end! Their lack of a STRIKER( due respect to Torres, Eto’o & Ba again) ultimately cost them dear. The sharpness and aggressiveness that characterized Chelsea forwards were sorely lacking.

The little horse and the rider went about how to make their horse drink and grow. Shrewd and sweet-talked acquisitions arrived. Costa(the vampire that replaced Suarez) had shown the street-kid’s STRIKER’S thirst that was lacking, Cesc ‘Fabrepass’ added creativity to a midfield that had it in excess, Filipe Luis was to provide competition for Cesar Azpilicueta while the ‘most important’ acquisitions of King Drogba and Loic Remy only proved to be the polish on an already beautiful ride.


Mourinho's record via @SkySports

Once again…. They were out of the blocks, this time, with everything available…
ATTACK? Check.
GRIT? Check.
YOUTH? Check.
MOURINHO? Errrr… Check

People talked of boring Chelsea, but it is rather easy for people to forget how this ‘BORING’ Chelsea entertained us in the first half of the season playing with a swagger second to none. They attacked with freedom and flair. It is so sad that Chelsea are now the benchmark for defending and not for attacking when they should be for both.

Put aside the siege mentality that the media claimed he put in his players. Forget the ‘FA campaign against Chelsea’ talk… People seemed to forget that he actually made sense. While he had his excesses (Hello Wenger), Mourinho was a man who loved his job (sometimes ‘overloved’ it), had mastered the art of winning and knew how football worked these days. No matter how beautiful the football you play, it is meaningless without titles (Ask Brendan Rodgers). Its quite sad that people (some) didn’t want to see this. Arsene Wenger had leaned towards this school of thought (See Arsenal’s 2-0 win at City). There are times when you need to grind out results:  Outsmart your opponent, Entertain the fans, Bore out the fans as long as the result comes.

“I don’t care how I win, as long as I win”

    – Floyd Mayweather


That’s where we ended last season. Chelsea ticked all those boxes last season and they became deservedly Champions. They sat atop the log table since Day 1 with wins like the scrappy 2-1 win at Anfield, the 1-0 win against United, the ‘BORING’ 0-0 draw at the Emirates, the 6-3 win at Everton & the 3-0 wins at Villa and Spurs. There were epic lows too. The 5-3 loss at White Hart lane & the 2-1 loss at Newcastle. They all summed up the Blues title triumph.


Goal of the Season? via DailyMail

How can I forget that Charlie Adam goal, the Rooney K.O, the City FALL OUT, the White Hart Lane London-Derby drama, the Koeman miracle and more? Welcome back Premier League. I MISSED YOU!

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Arsene Wenger Draws First Blood!: The Community Shield Story


First goal, only goal: Chamberlain celebrates goal against Chelsea

It was the 93rd Community Shield match, the sequel to the beginning of the “self-acclaimed” biggest league in the world. It was a reunion for Cech (who looked like revenge was on his mind) and a Costa-less situation for Jose Mourinho (who was still in pre-season mode, rocking a Chelsea jersey and tracks unlike the ‘suit and tie’ Arsene was wearing) who deployed Remy up front instead.

The first ten minutes were uneventful except for the clash between Mertaseker and Fabregas in the Arsenal 18-yard box. Mourinho jumped off the bench to protest but In the end, it looked like Fabregas had started diving again.

It took 22 minutes before either goalies had any serious thing to do. An Arsenal freekick, Walcott header, Courtois save. While Chelsea were too busy playing like bullies, showing off muscle and all, Arsenal had been playing something like ‘tiki-taka’ (they need to call Guardiola for more lessons though), kicking around the ball sneakily but nothing real happened until the 23rd minute.

Whoever was marking Chamberlain allowed him to get into the Chelsea 18-yard box, hesistated for a second, allowed him to switch the ball to his left foot and EVEN still allowed him to let fly! Courtois was helpless as the ball found its way into the top-right-hand corner of his goal. Goaal! First blood drawn.


Helpless Courtois against Chamberlain's goal

Chelsea, while looking for their equalizer, were clearly missing something, let me say someone. To be more detailed: Ramires had more shots OFF TARGET, trying to score than Remy the ‘striker of the day’ who was too busy being offside and AWOL too! Costa wasn’t on the pitch. Hazard was but was ineffective. Summary of the 1st half? Mourinho’s Chelsea couldn’t function without its bullies. Arsenal discovered Chelsea’s weak spot, Azpilicueta and kept poking at it…. lol.

Mourinho brought on Falcao for the 2nd half (as expected) but sadly, things continued as they ended in the first half: More of Arsenal’s ground-level, team-splitting passes and more of Hazard’s absence and more of Chelsea’s players being caught offside.

23 minutes into the 2nd half, Mourinho had used up 3 substitutions and was still a goal down. Chelsea now played with some sense of urgency but couldn’t put one past Arsenal thanks to… (it still isn’t exactly clear for now). The scoreline stayed the same (even when Jose replaced Terry with Moses) and now Arsenal have the bragging rights of the upcoming EPL season (well, so to speak).

If this match defines what we can expect from the new EPL season, brace yourself for a lot of sleeping in the first half of MatchDays on Saturdays and Sundays, more spats between Jose and Arsene, counter-attacking football from Arsenal and more anti-injury prayers from Chelsea fans for Diego Costa 😥


"I gave my loser's medal away."

Jose ended the show by giving his medal away and showing off that he wasn’t a sore loser. He greeted the whole Arsenal players and snubbed (or was snubbed by) Arsene Wenger. Let me end this by asking: #WengerSnubOrMourinhoSnub? Share your views in the comments section below.

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3 Talking Points From the ‘Quest-For-The-Treble’ Champions League Final


A Two-Sided Coin

Europe has a new champion. FC Barcelona is their name . It is the 4th Champions League trophy in a decade. Amazing right? They conquered Juventus in a final that didn’t exactly start until Juventus replied Barca’s 4th minute goal in the second half. It was a game that had a lot of talking pointe. Of them all, I’ve picked three:


Worthy Finalists

Juventus’ “Italian” Style of Football
The players weren’t scared to jump in (sometimes fly in) and make tackles. They weren’t even scared of the referee’s cards (Vidal especially). Every tackle was one that had to be won. They came into the final as underdogs and played the final the best way they knew how, the same way that got them this far: keep it tidy at the back and surprise them up front. Their defense stiffled and, most times succeeded in man-handling Messi. Pogba and Vidal were all over the place. They made the most of their tackling which was, in some sort, their strong point. But they had a weak point which was…


Barcelona’s Counterattacking Play
Barcelona’s pace whenever they were on the counter was scary (as usual, a Barcelona fan would say). Juventus most times left themselves vulnerable at the back  by committing too many players going forward and Barca seized this oportunity with both hands. They were more than a handful for the Old Lady whenever they attacked because the did it en masse with 5, sometimes 6 players at once. They were fast. They were quick and  counterattacking earned them three goals (one was cancelled). So much for counterattacking.


Individuals With High Quality

Barcelona’s Individual Play Makes Barca
Maybe Barcelona isn’t all team work. Maybe there’s more. Tall claim right? Check this:

– A Neymar who played like one desperate for  UCL Final goal (and got two)
– A quiet but effiicient Luis Suarez who did a lot of running on and off the ball pressuring the opponents
– Rakitic the enforcer
– Messi pulling the strings while sitting deep
– The hard-battling duo of Mascherano and Pique

Iniest’s vision for Barcelona’s first, Suarez’s perfect positioning for the second and Neymar’s two goals. Three different goalscorers in a Champions League Final says it all.

Note Worthy Mentions
– Messi failing to make it a hattrick of UCL Final goalscoring.
– Juventus putting Italy back on European football’s map
Oh yeah, and Pirlo cried.

“The English Football League is the best.” Well, Somebody Lied!

For a second season in a row, two Spanish football clubs will be appearing in the finals of European football’s biggest competitions: The UEFA Champions League and the Europa League (feel free to argue). Barcelona will be facing Juventus and Sevilla (another successive final appearance) will be facing Dnipro. Last year, it was Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla in these finals. And yet they say: the English Premier League is the best in the world. Well, just maybe they are right. The EPL is the best in the world and the Spanish La Liga is in a world of its own.

Housing the world’s best two (who are in planets of their own while the others can only live on other planets), the La Liga has proven over time that English football is over-rated. If you love football, you’d probably know this. Season after season, one English player is overhyped by the “beloved” English fourth estate after the other and sold for an “overhiked” price (this could easily pass for business). Then the player SUDDENLY fades away. Then the same English media will claim that the league is a tough one; merciless so that adaptability to new clubs in the league takes years.

Maybe they are right. Maybe the league is so tough that it chokes the players and makes playing on Europe’s big stage a difficult role to act successfully. But then again, maybe they keep shooting themselves in the foot by saying “the EPL is the toughest” and then come Champions League Matchday, they’re faced with even tougher oppositions? But what makes a league “tough”? Shouldn’t the tough get going when the going gets tough?

The UEFA Champions League is one for the tough and speaking of tough this season (and the one before) the English Premier League has been nowhere near tough. The La Liga has taken over that role by presenting two finalists in competitions where it really matters how tough you are.

Adieu English Football: You stabbed yourself in secret and bled to death on the big stage.

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Barcelona vs Bayern: An Unconventional Summary


Dominant, Dominant, DOMINANT

It was all Barcelona. From start to finish. Their work rate was incredible. They succeeded in making Bayern look like babies. They were dominant. Their opponents, opposed to the norm, had to hang in there. They were holding on to the slim chances of a draw but they couldn’t keep up with the Catalans’ pace.


Manuel Neuer: A half good

Neuer was the first-half’s Man of the Match after making save after save that kept Neymar and co. at bay. Barca did not let Bayern play ball. I’d like to use the word DOMINANT again. They forced the Bavarians to pass back to Neuer more times than they’d usually do in games. Suarez was everywhere up front, oppressing tacitly; Neymar too with a step-over here and a flick there. Messi?



He wasn’t exactly quiet in the first half but he left his mark on the game in the second: on Neuer, on Boateng and on Guardiola too! The MSN gang tore Bayern apart from the 77th minute till the old lady sang. Messi’s double and Neymar’s late goal gave Barcelona a 3 – 0 lead going into the second leg (a deficit which, going by today’s game, the Bavarians can’t come back from in my opinion).


Outplayed by his own

Let’s dedicate this paragraph to one man: Pep Guardiola. It was the #NightmareReunion. He sneaked into the stadium from the dugout before the game began, like he knew what was coming. I think he wanted a draw and after Neymar’s icing on the cake, a sorry look and a grimmacing face from Pep said it all: Things did not go as planned.

But can you blame him? His team got outplayed on all levels by the beast of a team he created (which is now a refined beast). His team did not play like a Guardiola-led side. They played like a Mourinho army except that they played a high defense line, conceded 3 goals and there were no red cards. Enough said.

Well done Barcelona. Time to surprise me Professor Pep.

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The UEFA Champions League Semifinal: What You Can Expect


Who will advance?

The draws for the UCL semi finals have been done and we’ve seen the last 4 teams in the competition paired for the semi final games.

We will see 3-time winners and Italian champions-elect Juventus square up against an old enemy in the form of 10 time winners and defending champions Real Madrid (expect a lot of records to be sang out during both lega of this game). The other tie pits 4-time winners Barcelona against 5-time winners Bayern Munich (both coaches will most likely request the video of these two’s last two meetings).

The UCL last 4 paints a picture of dominance. 3 of the last 4 (Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich) have won the title in the last 4 years and have been in the UCL semis at least 4 times in the last 5 years. Indeed one of them has made it to the finals in the past 4 years. Real Madrid are the defending champions. Bayern Munich were winners in 2013 and Barcelona were winners in 2011.

Juventus appear to be the odd team out, their last semi final appearance coming as far back as in 2003 and their last win as far back as 1996. Indeed fans of the other 3 teams were probably hoping to draw Juventus though I’m not sure their players and technical staff share that sentiment.

The draws also set up reunions of a sort. Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola is going back to his old team Barcelona for the first time as Bayern manager. He led them to 2 UCL titles in 2009 & 2011. Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti is once again returning to his old team Juventus, not sure they’ll have too many fond memories of him as his Milan team denied them the title in the 2003 final in Edinburgh. Madrid old boy Alvaro Moratta will be returning to the Bernabeu for the first time. Barcelona old boy Thiago will also be making his first trip back to Camp Nou.

These games will be about attacking talent and defensive discipline. Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern have possibly the 3 best attacks in Europe and Juventus aren’t exactly slouches when it comes to attack. On the flipside, Juventus seem to have reinvented catenaccio and have one of the meanest defences in Europe.

Key Matchups


Juventus – Madrid
The last time these two teams met which was last season, the Juventus defense just couldn’t live with Gareth Bale so I’m expecting more of the same and that means a Bale – Chiellini/Evra battle. In midfield I expect a running battle between Vidal-Marchisio-Pirlo & Modric-Kroos-Rodriguez. Tevez-Pepe/Ramos/Varane will be another interesting matchup.


Barcelona – Bayern
The last time these two teams met it was a blowout, some sort of outclassing in all ways, with the Bavarians advancing courtesy of a 7-0 aggregate win. Expecting this tie to be a little tighter, Barcelona will have Lionel Messi this time as well as Luis Suarez & Neymar Jr. The MSN combo as some people refer to them should be able to make the aggregate scoreline more respectable this time. Bayern will probably be deploying the two arch tormentors of Barcelona two years ago, Thomas Muller & Arjen Robben.

Rakitic-Busquets-Iniesta v Thiago-Lahm -Alonso,
Robben vs Alba,
Neymar vs Rafinha,
Suarez vs Boateng
Lewandowski vs Pique will be the key matchups.
Messi & Muller will tend to drift and do damage all over the pitch

I expect Madrid and Bayern to advance to the finals.