Arsenal’s 90 Minutes in Hell and What They Can Do to Avoid A Recurrence

“If this was a boxing bout, the referee would have ended it a long while ago.” – Match commentator, Liverpool and Arsenal.

This comment came on the heels of the #MayweatherMcgregor fight in Las Vegas wherein the referee had to end the fight in the 10th round to save Mcgregor all the “Floyd punishment” he was receiving.

It was the perfect description of Liverpool’s dominance on the day at Hellfield, Anfield.

A match that was dubbed the pick of the weekend unfortunately became a one-sided affair when Liverpool controlled the proceedings from the beginning of the encounter till the blast of the final whistle. As one tweet captured it,

To equate the Liverpool player with the Algerian born French maestro was not an exaggeration on the evening going by his performance.

So, what went wrong for the Gunners – or is it the Gooners?

Make no mistake about this, Arsenal is not a bad team. A team that boasts of world class players and internationals in their own rights like Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Shkodran Mustafi, Olivier Giroud, Alexandre Lacazette, etc. is not a small team. Why is a team packed with World Cup winners struggling to make an impact in the Premier League and the Champions League? The only problem I think is leadership.

Ozil reacts after Arsenal lose 4-0 to Liverpool.

Ozil reacts after Arsenal lose 4-0 to Liverpool.

Arsene Wenger has been at the helm of Arsenal affairs since the year 1996 and did achieve a lot of great things for the club; including a 49-match unbeaten record in the league that is yet to be replicated by any other team since.

A glorious 2003/2004 season if you ask me it must be said. But after their heroics of getting to the final of the Champions League in 2006, there has been a downward spiral for the club. It was as if the exit of the last notable “invincible” Thierry Henry, started a free fall for the club.

Apart from the four FA Cups won during since then, Arsenal has never looked like worthy challengers for the Premier League crown, talk more of the Champions League where they have failed to cross the last 16 hurdle since 2009 when they were defeated by a Cristiano Ronaldo inspired Manchester United.

The statistics just show that it has been the case of a diminishing returns for the club. It is also a sad fact that Arsenal for 13 years have not been able to lift the Premier League crown even though they are the only team to still have consistency in terms of being managed by the same man for over two decades.

The past few months have not been exactly great times for Arsenal fans. They know it and they’ve never hidden their displeasure, expressing it with their frequent #WengerOut on social media.

It is just obvious that the hunger has disappeared from Wenger, a one-time feisty manager who was not afraid to get into a war of words with Sir Alex Ferguson in their days of rivalry and not too long ago, with Jose Mourinho while he was still at Chelsea.

The last game against Liverpool showed a man who was not bothered about the fortune of the club because even while his team was 3-0 down, he just sat in his chair and chewed on his fingernails. This is not the case for other managers that will want to salvage something from the game and will continue to charge their players to attack and play better.

Some readers might say that I have gone for the obvious by taking cheap shots at the man but in all sincerity, the buck stops at Wenger’s table, no matter how we want to look at it.


Arsene Wenger needs to do more if Arsenal are going to improve.

I think Wenger has lost the team and it will take a miracle to psyche them up for the coming campaign that will see them compete on four fronts. To salvage something for himself and the club, Arsene has to make some hard decisions. Making such hard decisions for the team is one problem that he has always had.Right now, these decisions have become a necessity.

First, there are too many unsettled players in the team. To keep them against their wishes is to create a sense of complacency and a nonchalant attitude in the team. Sanchez, Chamberlain – now reportedly off to Chelsea, Mustafi, Ozil, Bellerin and so many others are all unsettled.

While some want to leave the club to where they can win trophies, some want better contracts and some others are not comfortable with their current positions on the pitch. These issues have made the team look like they lack the focus and hunger to carry out their professional tasks.

It must be said that although the players are paid to do their jobs, it is the job of the manager to motivate, unite and psyche them up for the overall interest of the team. This job also extends to knowing which players fit the various tactical approaches to be employed on the field of play. Unfortunately, the body language of the Frenchman has said a whole lot of other things.

It is absolutely unnecessary for the club to try to run down the contract of a player that is no longer happy to play for the club. Alexis Sanchez in today’s market is worth over £90m. Isn’t that incentive to sell him off already?

With one year to go and the high probability that he will not sign a new contract, it will be better to sell him off NOW and get a hungrier player to replace him. It has to be a player who will be focused on the job and will want to make a name for himself.

Arsenal still has the players that can confidently replace him in the team. Maybe not adequately, but they will do a good job. It is now left for the manager to tweak the team in a way that the team will get over him. No player is indispensable.

Manchester United last year signed a 35-year old Zlatan Ibrahimovic and albeit performing above expectations, his role was more in the dressing room than on the pitch. It was for the same reason that Jose Mourinho brought back Didier Drogba for one year to help him win the title on his return to Chelsea.

While citing names like Ozil, Sanchez and Cech, club legend, Patrick Vieira, pointed out that the team does not lack leaders. Maybe he’s right. But what he has failed to point out is that, out of these three, two of them whom the team depends upon the most are unsettled. How can they lead when they see their futures outside the team?

Arsenal needs a leader now more than ever.

Futhermore, there is another weakness that Wenger has exhibited for some time. This is the loyalty syndrome which he bears for his older players. X-raying the team against Liverpool, Bellerin played the left wing back role even though he is a right footer and has played the right back role for over two years.

It was a wonder to see Kolasinac who has impressed since coming to Arsenal on the bench. In the same vein, what was Ramsey and Welbeck doing on the pitch while Coquelin – a much more defensive minded midfielder – and Lacazette – a deadly finisher – were sat on the bench.

Even though some will want to go with the argument of Wenger wanted to play familiar foes, you do not keep your AK 47 at home and go to battle with a revolver. It is Arsene Wenger’s team and he alone bears the responsibility.

I was also shocked that Arsene Wenger who is a world class manager, played the high line against an attack that boasts of runners like Mane, Salah and Firmino who can hold their own against Usain Bolt. It also means that Wenger’s tactics are actually questionable and even at 2-0 down before Salah went on the solo run to score, there were no answers forthcoming.

Wenger has become a legend in Arsenal and the rule of diminishing returns has set in. I do not see Arsenal getting better under his tutelage and unless the Arsenal Board of Directors want to continue being self serving in their decision making, the best time to let him go is now to allow for another manager to bring hunger, drive, vibrancy and new ideas to the team. To continue with Wenger is to continue with mediocrity and complacency.

Wenger does not believe that his actions are costing the team even as the continue to go down the doldrums. The time for the board to act is now, to save the fans of the continuous misery and shame that they have been through in recent times. He does not need to be sacked, he should be asked to save face, resign and go on vacation. It is not too late to do the right thing.



Victor Ndulewe

Manchester City 2 – Arsenal 1: Wenger’s First Half vs Guardiola’s Second Half

Offside?: Video replays show Leroy Sane in an offside position just before he scores the equalizer for Manchester City. (Photo Credit: Whatsapp)

Offside?: Video replays show Leroy Sane in an offside position just before he scores the equalizer for Manchester City. (Photo Credit: Whatsapp)

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City squared off against Wenger’s Arsenal in another English Premier League Matchday. Both teams were part of the chasing pack trying desperately to stop (or at least catch up with) Conte’s locomotive.

While it wasn’t sure what to expect from the game, as both teams had contrasting recent forms, it was sure to be a cracker no thanks to the points at stake.

On one hand, there was a certain Manchester City side desperate to return to the days of going several games unbeaten. On the other hand, the clubside from London, who even though had just come off a loss at Everton, wanted to make sure names they kept up pace with the league leaders.

The game ended with Man. City winning the game by a 2-1 scoreline. But as with all games, this one had it’s own storyline. And that’s what you’re about to read in this article.

Arsenal’s First Half

This was the half Arsenal ran the Cityzens ragged. By the fourth minute of the game, the Gunners were already up by a goal thanks to a sleeping City defense and an alert Arsenal forward line who noticed it and took advantage.

In this half, Arsenal enjoyed quite a nunber of things, namely:

A Poor Zabaleta

Zabaleta was a pain to watch for most City faithfuls in the first half of the game. His runs (forward and back) were mostly mis-timed while he did little next to nothing to provide wide support for Man. City’s ‘strikerless’ formation.

He was constantly caught off-guard and wasn’t alert enough to work towards stopping the first goal City conceded. Describing him as a liability to Man. City and a blessing to Arsenal during the first 45 wouldn’t be exaggerating in any way.


After the half, Man. City seemed to boss Arsenal in all areas as regards stats (except the goal of course). But one man was a glimmer of hope for Arsenal throughout the half (and the entire game).

Sanchez is his name and he was the closest to exciting that the Gunners had on offer on the day. Alexis kept chasing after every ball sight and refused to remain passive like Ozil and co.

Most times he got frustrated by how deep the Arsenal players preferred to play, instead of coming out to attack. His enthusiasm was one of the many highlights of the first half of the game (asides the goal and Sterling’s empty-goal-mouth chance that was missed).

Complaints Box?

Complaints Box?: Arsenal fan goes on a rage after dismal performance by Gunners.


If I may add, please forget Giroud if you’re a Gunner. Alexis Sanchez is Arsenal’s best hope for a striker.

A Disjointed City

‘A house divided against itself…,” the wise book says. This was another highlight of Arsenal’s 1st half. Even before they conceded that goal, Pep’s men looked at odds with each other.

Yes by halftime they were leading as regards goal attempts and possession and passes completed. But, they only had one shot on target, and were playing like a team at war… with itself! Arsenal took advantage and took a lead into the break.

Manchester City’s Second Half

– The Tactical Change

It was nothing serious. Zabaleta was removed and Sagna was brought on. But it felt like as if a complete overhaul had taken place! 4 minutes into the second half, Leroy Sane scored the equalizer for Man. City.

For the next 15 minutes or thereabout after that goal, Arsenal would go on to feel the full force of a Pep-Guardiola-led side. It was tiki taka as like in the days of old (Hello Barça!)

The Gunners were starved of ball possession and all they were suddenly good at was chasing the ball, unsuccessfully. Few minutes later, they were chasing both ball possession and the game itself, thanks to a goal from Sterling.

It’s not sure what was at work: whether it was Pep’s ‘Pep Talk’ (pun intended) or the deleting of Zabaleta. But either ways, something happened to the Cityzens in the dressing room. And they came out a transformed side.

STATICstics: #Weird

STATICstics: #Weird

Arsenal Played Strangely

Take nothing away from the landlords of the Etihad Stadium. Their 2nd half performance was great. But Arsenal’s strange display made things even easier for the Cityzens.

Arsenal played poorly, without passion and seemed to be more interested in defending, rather than attacking. As mentioned earlier, Sanchez was left to do most of the chasing while the others preferred to wait for the Man. City players to come and have a go at them.

And names like Silva and Yaya and Sterling and KdB certainly enjoyed doing that.

Kevin de Bruyne’s ‘Pass of the Season’

Just before this pass, Man. City players had been struggling with getting the ball into the opposition box successfully. Most times they tried, they failed, woefully.

Then came de Bruyne’s magic:

“Kevin de Bruyne, while stationed on the halfway-line, receives a throw-on, chests it down, and hits one of the best passes you are likely to see all season. An inch-perfect cross-field diagonal pass which stays low and begs Raheem Sterling to run onto it down the right flank. Sterling controls it, drifts into the box, before cutting in on his favoured left foot and squeezing a low shot past Petr Cech’s near post.”

For some, it may just be another EPL game that has come and gone.

But, with City finally beating another ‘Top Four’ team and Arsenal playing ‘as usual‘ whenever Santa’s in town, the chase is on!

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The Best 15 Footballers of 2015 (11-8)

We’re counting down the list of players that amazed the world of football the most this 20!5. In case you missed the first part, you can catch up here

11. Arturo Vidal


Vidal: A box of energy

His eyes swollen, apparently tearful. He was left explaining his silly act of drink-driving during a tournament where he was the poster-boy, He was the symbol of the nation, and he had somewhat entangled himself in trouble, after lifting hearts with masterful performances in their first two games of the tournament. He was expecting to be punished. But the ANFP went soft, the fans forgave him, and he repaid their faith in full. He was the beacon as they won their first ever international title in front of their own fans after a peach performance in the final. He was named Man of the Match and was only included in the Team of the Tournament.

The manner in which Vidal evolved in 2015 was crucial both for the man and the team, right from his ‘New’ Advanced role at Juventus through to his more withdrawn role at Bayern. His consistent performances birthed 8 goals in 39 appearances (the league and Champions league) which resulted in a fourth straight Scudetti and a Champions League Silver medal as well as a Coppa Italia title. The stats speak in his favour just as much. His knack for important goals which put the mind of the fans at rest were a common feature of his game this year. One only need look at the Champions League quarter-final win against Monaco and the opening game of the Copa. If 2014 was the year Arturo Vidal showed promise, He definitely lived up to it in 2015.

10. Mesut Ozil


The All-Seeing Mesut

In football terms, the German international can be said to be more Spanish than German. Get it? Indulge me… let me Ozil (assist) you. His game isn’t about intensity, work rate or the machine-like efficiency associated with Germans. In fact if German footballers are likened to Mercedes-Benz, he’d be a Porsche or a Lamborghini, such is the finesse and class his game exudes (now if you don’t get it, you just can’t).

If you thought he had the world’s attention while at Madrid, now the whole universe watches in awe. Highest number of assists this season in the top 5 leagues in Europe, arguably the best playmaker in the game right now. The 15/16 season is only half-way through but he has already assisted twice as many goals as the next player on the list (Kevin de Bruyne, 8 assists). What more can be said

2015 has been Ozil’s best year yet and he’s still gathering plaudits with his constant ‘eye popping’ performances. Ozil is football’s illuminati, utilising the all-seeing eyes for passing accuracy and assists. Little wonder Cristiano Ronaldo was furious he was sold.

Earlier this year, according to Opta, Ozil had the best minutes per assist rate in the Premier League history! And that was last season. In the game against Bournemouth this season, Mesut Ozil created nine goalscoring chances, the most by a player in a single Premier League game this season.

In this same year, in the game against Man. City, he made his 14th and 15th assists of the season in the 16th game of the season; the fastest any player has ever managed in the EPL history.

9. Paul Pogba


Well done Paul. Clap for yourself

He is not the best goal-scoring machine in the Old Lady’s arsenal but whenever he scores, his goals made headlines.

His 15 Serie A starts this 15/16 Serie A season is a testament to his indispensability at Juventus. In this same season, no player has won possession in the final third more times than Octopus Paul in the Serie A. He is power and combativeness combined.

While his team was beaten in the Champions League final and denied a treble by Barcelona, he was named in the ten-man shortlist for the UEFA Best Player in Europe award, which he later finished 10th.

In a year where some players did not win any club trophies, he won 3. Not bad Paul, not bad.

8. Alexis Sanchez


Alexis the Terror

The Golden boy with the golden touch. You only need to see him play the piano to judge his football skills; he is just as exquisite, his fingers striking each chord like his foot striking the ball into the net.

If his arrival at Arsenal was mired by his inability to deliver on the big stage for Barcelona as some had called it, he has not only proven them wrong, he has just as much put them to shame. His goals were just as important as he himself, and even though his 2015 didn’t start too well, he was celebrating two titles in the space of a month as he played a massive role in Arsenal’s FA Cup win before leading the charge along with Edu Vargas and Arturo Vidal for Chile at the Copa America, his goals crucial in the groups and his assist for the winner in the semis. He returned to club action to lift the Community shield with the Gunners after which he embarked on a scoring run of 9 goals in 6 games for club and country.

He has shown no signs of stopping. He was rewarded with the 2015 Fans Premier League Player of the Year and you only need to ask his Arsenal team mates and they’d explain his ever burning desire to be the best… Balon d’Or consideration maybe? You have another 12months Alexis…

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